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Please consider donating to Wyatt's Wishes. All funds donated will go directly toward helping another family in need. Funds will be used to purchase the following: yarn for angel blankets, stuffed animals, boxes, materials for cards, and stamps. Each angel care package will be photographed and uploaded to this site so all can see. To donate, simply click on the image below and you will be directed to a secure Paypal site.
We thank you in advance for your contribution towards creating an Angel Care Package and cards for a deserving family.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank you to Laken's Bears!

Melissa from Laken's Bears generously donated Angel Pennies for the Wyatt's Wishes Angel Care Package Challenge. 

Melissa kindly blogged about Wyatt's Wishes and the challenge.  I would like to thank Laken's Bears for the wonderful donation and for helping spread awareness of Wyatt's Wishes. 

You can view the blog post from Laken's Bears using the link below:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wyatt's Wishes New Monthly Recognition!!!

At Wyatt's Wishes, we have decided to start something new.  It only seems right and it greatly deserved!  I have decided that each month I will be listing all of those who have donated or participated in helping Wyatt's Wishes!!!

I have been keeping a book of those who have assisted Wyatt's Wishes in any possible way.  Since I haven't blogged the recognition from the beginning, our recognition this month will include the names of everyone who has participated with Wyatt's Wishes from the beginning!!!

Here we go!

September 2010

T-Shirt donation:
- Connie and Jerry McGrory

Start Heart Walk participants:
- Debra Lech
- Connie McGrory
- Sean McGrory
- Patrick McGrory
- John, Callie, Shaelyn, and Breah Serio
- Heather Lech and Justin Trosino
- Ryan Lech, Sue, and Hayley Jennings
- Isabella McGrory
- Laura, Chris, Jason, Justin, and Jenna Mock
- Liz and Dylan Cushing
- Emily Leach
- Kate Dell'Aquila
- Margaret Sweeney

December 2010

Monetary Donations:
- John and Callie Serio
- Sean McGrory
- Rosemary Atallian
- Ethan Andrew Volz

Angel Care Package Donations Received:
- Tricia Volz - Beautiful baby blanket and many balls of yarn
- Connie McGrory - A tub full of yarn from Mommom DelleDonne
- Kara Phipps - A bag full of yarn

January 2011

Angel Care Package Donations Received:
- Jen Ritchie

March 2011

Monetary Donations:
- Genesis Lopez

April 2011

Monetary Donations:
- Jamie Gray

Angel Care Package Donations Received:
- Laken's Bears (Melissa) - Angel Pennies
- Lois Hubbs - Beautiful Easter colored blanket

ETSY purchases to benefit Wyatt's Wishes:
- Denielle Peralta - "Cherry Beanie" and "Cute Flower Beanie" hats
- Tiffany Lopez - "Hello My Kitty" hat
- Crystal Struthers - "Girlie Girl" hat
- Denielle Peralta - "Happy Spring" blanket
- Michelle Williams - "Hush Baby Bear" hat
- Lisa Wagner - "Trendy and Adorable Flower" hat
- Kim Skouras - "It's a Froggy Life" and "What a Hoot" hats

Whoa!!!  That's a wealth of donations and support for Wyatt's Wishes.  I can't thank you all enough for making this possible.  Our goal for 2011 is to become a 100% non-profit organization.  I have done the research on what it takes, we are now just saving up the funds to make it happen. 

Wyatt's Wishes would like to thank every one who has supported us so far.  Your continued support will provide us with the power to help so many other families and to ensure we raise awareness of Fetal Congenital Heart Defects!  A huge thank you to everyone!!!

What's coming for next month?

May 1 - Wyatt's Wishes will be walking in the March for Babies Walk for the March of Dimes.  The walk will start at 10:00a.  Please click HERE if you would like more information.
End of May - (date not determined yet) Wyatt's Wishes yard sale.  Yard sale will take place at our home and all proceeds will go to Wyatt's Wishes for Angel Care Packages and for donations to NILMDTS and CHD research.
Ongoing - Angel Care Package Challenge, click HERE to view the details.
Ongoing - Wyatt's Wishes by Wyatt's Mommie on ETSY, click HERE to access our shop.