Donate to Wyatt's Wishes

Please consider donating to Wyatt's Wishes. All funds donated will go directly toward helping another family in need. Funds will be used to purchase the following: yarn for angel blankets, stuffed animals, boxes, materials for cards, and stamps. Each angel care package will be photographed and uploaded to this site so all can see. To donate, simply click on the image below and you will be directed to a secure Paypal site.
We thank you in advance for your contribution towards creating an Angel Care Package and cards for a deserving family.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Holiday Gift

This year I would like to donate a care package to a family who has been down a very tough road this year.  Their little girl was born with a heart condition which required a transplant.  Just before her first birthday she received her new heart but her little body rejected it.  She is currently still in the hospital fighting for her life.  Her parents drive several miles each day to be with their daughter while still spending time with their son. 

I would like to raise funds to give this family $100.00 in gas cards, plus gift cards to Wawa and other quick convenience stores.  Additionally, if enough is raised, I would like to provide this family with a check to use to help with medical expenses. 

I know money is tight for everyone with the way the economy is, but if you could find it in your hearts to donate anything it would be appreciated!!!

Please click on the Wyatt's Wishes image in the blog just above this post to donate using a secure Paypal option, or send gift cards or checks to:

Wyatt's Wishes
c/o Megan McGrory
357 Mount Eden Road
Kirkwood, PA  17536
(checks should be made payable to Megan McGrory, as we are not yet a non-profit)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Angel Care Package Challenge - Update!!!

I am so excited!  Based on the information received so far, we should be receiving about 35-40 more blankets in the mail.  So far we have received 6, but I have received several emails and FB messages saying more are on their way. 

If we receive all of the blankets, Wyatt's Wishes will be splitting up the donations.  We will be delivering to CHOP, AI DuPont, and Ronald McDonald House. 

This is so exciting and I know Wyatt is up above smiling down on everyone! 

If you would still like to participate in the challenge, please visit the challenge link at:!/event.php?eid=193168220719751

Or here is the information you will need:

Are you up for the CHALLENGE?

Wyatt's Wishes is reaching out to ask for donations of crochet and knit blankets, stuffed animals (under 12 inches), and/or decorated hat boxes to help us achieve our challenge of donating 20 Angel Care Packages to local hospitals by Wyatt's 1st Birthday (June 6, 2011)!!! Any and all donations are welcome! Please help us reach our goal in honor of our son, Wyatt James, who became an angel and is no...w looking down on us each and every day.

If you would like to help, please send donations (blankets, stuffed animals, hat boxes) to:
Wyatt's Wishes
Attn: Megan McGrory
357 Mount Eden Road
Kirkwood, PA 17536

If you would like to make a monetary donation, please visit Wyatt's Wishes secure Paypal site at:

"There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Recognition....

May 2011

Angel Care Package Donations Received:
- Lori Hubbs - three more beautiful crochet blankets
- Michelle Williams - an adorable dinosaur preemie sleeper

ETSY purchases to benefit Wyatt's Wishes:
- Lisa V. - "beautiful hat with flower" preemie size was purchased for her friend who just had a little girl

What's currently happening?

- Well, we were supposed to walk in the March for Babies walk on May 1, however, the doctor stated it wouldn't be a wise idea with me being seven months pregnant.  So, sadly we didn't walk, but we are registered to walk in the Start Heart Walk in September.  By that time, baby Nolan will be here to walk for his brother also!

- The yard sale is still on!  I have boxes and boxes of items ready to be sold.  If you know of anyone who is local who would like to donate items to sell, please provide them with my information or have them contact me at  I would be happy to pick up items if necessary.  If the items don't sell, they will be donated.

- On June 4th, we are having a family party to honor Wyatt's one year angelversary.  There will be plenty of photos to come, just know that it will be a monkey theme to honor "Our Little Monkey". 

- Ongoing - Angel Care Package Challenge, click HERE to view the details.

- Ongoing - Wyatt's Wishes by Wyatt's Mommie on ETSY, click HERE to access our shop.

Please feel free to share this post and spread the word about Wyatt's Wishes.  Our goal is to provide every family experiencing the loss of a child something to hold in their arms when they leave the hospital, something that will ensure memories.

Pepsi Refresh Project

Okay, I am so excited and I haven't even submitted the application yet!!!!  Pepsi has what they call a Pepsi Refresh Project where they will extend grants based on need and votes.  I have finally completed an application for Wyatt's Wishes and it will be submitted next month.

Applications are only taken during the first week of a new month, so I have to hang tight until June.  But it is fitting, as June will mark Wyatt's one year since he left us. 

Oh how I pray that we are one of the 15 selected for June.  It would be great to make Wyatt's Wishes an all out reality!!  I would be so happy and I could just see Wyatt's smile looking down from Heaven. 

Once the application is submitted, I will send out the link so everyone can begin to vote for us. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank you to Laken's Bears!

Melissa from Laken's Bears generously donated Angel Pennies for the Wyatt's Wishes Angel Care Package Challenge. 

Melissa kindly blogged about Wyatt's Wishes and the challenge.  I would like to thank Laken's Bears for the wonderful donation and for helping spread awareness of Wyatt's Wishes. 

You can view the blog post from Laken's Bears using the link below:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wyatt's Wishes New Monthly Recognition!!!

At Wyatt's Wishes, we have decided to start something new.  It only seems right and it greatly deserved!  I have decided that each month I will be listing all of those who have donated or participated in helping Wyatt's Wishes!!!

I have been keeping a book of those who have assisted Wyatt's Wishes in any possible way.  Since I haven't blogged the recognition from the beginning, our recognition this month will include the names of everyone who has participated with Wyatt's Wishes from the beginning!!!

Here we go!

September 2010

T-Shirt donation:
- Connie and Jerry McGrory

Start Heart Walk participants:
- Debra Lech
- Connie McGrory
- Sean McGrory
- Patrick McGrory
- John, Callie, Shaelyn, and Breah Serio
- Heather Lech and Justin Trosino
- Ryan Lech, Sue, and Hayley Jennings
- Isabella McGrory
- Laura, Chris, Jason, Justin, and Jenna Mock
- Liz and Dylan Cushing
- Emily Leach
- Kate Dell'Aquila
- Margaret Sweeney

December 2010

Monetary Donations:
- John and Callie Serio
- Sean McGrory
- Rosemary Atallian
- Ethan Andrew Volz

Angel Care Package Donations Received:
- Tricia Volz - Beautiful baby blanket and many balls of yarn
- Connie McGrory - A tub full of yarn from Mommom DelleDonne
- Kara Phipps - A bag full of yarn

January 2011

Angel Care Package Donations Received:
- Jen Ritchie

March 2011

Monetary Donations:
- Genesis Lopez

April 2011

Monetary Donations:
- Jamie Gray

Angel Care Package Donations Received:
- Laken's Bears (Melissa) - Angel Pennies
- Lois Hubbs - Beautiful Easter colored blanket

ETSY purchases to benefit Wyatt's Wishes:
- Denielle Peralta - "Cherry Beanie" and "Cute Flower Beanie" hats
- Tiffany Lopez - "Hello My Kitty" hat
- Crystal Struthers - "Girlie Girl" hat
- Denielle Peralta - "Happy Spring" blanket
- Michelle Williams - "Hush Baby Bear" hat
- Lisa Wagner - "Trendy and Adorable Flower" hat
- Kim Skouras - "It's a Froggy Life" and "What a Hoot" hats

Whoa!!!  That's a wealth of donations and support for Wyatt's Wishes.  I can't thank you all enough for making this possible.  Our goal for 2011 is to become a 100% non-profit organization.  I have done the research on what it takes, we are now just saving up the funds to make it happen. 

Wyatt's Wishes would like to thank every one who has supported us so far.  Your continued support will provide us with the power to help so many other families and to ensure we raise awareness of Fetal Congenital Heart Defects!  A huge thank you to everyone!!!

What's coming for next month?

May 1 - Wyatt's Wishes will be walking in the March for Babies Walk for the March of Dimes.  The walk will start at 10:00a.  Please click HERE if you would like more information.
End of May - (date not determined yet) Wyatt's Wishes yard sale.  Yard sale will take place at our home and all proceeds will go to Wyatt's Wishes for Angel Care Packages and for donations to NILMDTS and CHD research.
Ongoing - Angel Care Package Challenge, click HERE to view the details.
Ongoing - Wyatt's Wishes by Wyatt's Mommie on ETSY, click HERE to access our shop.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Angel Care Packages to be delivered!!!

And the countdown has begun. 

Two days left until we make our trip up to the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia (CHOP) to deliver not one, but three, Angel Care Packages.  I am so excited I can hardly wait.  Delivering these boxes and being able to see some of the nurses who helped with Wyatt will be wonderful.  But knowing how much the contents of the boxes will mean to the families receiving them means so much more.

When finding out everything that was wrong with Wyatt in May 2010, we weren't given much time to be able to come home and get items for him.  Luckily, we remembered to grab the blanket I had made from him and an outfit.  While at the hospital, Brian got Wyatt a stuffed monkey.  Today, I hold onto memories and those very few items that once touched my sons skin. 

That is the purpose of the Angel Care Packages from Wyatt's Wishes, to ensure that the parents will have something to go home with and something to hold onto.  I am so proud of the fact that in just two days, three Angel Care Packages will be delivered to CHOP.  The packages will be provided to families going through the same terrible tradgey that we experienced not even one year ago. 

These are the three Angel Care Packages that are ready to be delivered to CHOP on Tuesday, March 22.

Angel Care Package number one!

Angel Care Package number 2!

Angel Care Package number 3!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Challenge for a Good Cause!

Do you want to participate in something that will touch the hearts of many families and leave them with something to hold after their baby is gone? 

If so, consider helping Wyatt's Wishes meet our challenge of donating 20 Angel Care Packages to local hospitals by June 6 (Wyatt's first birthday). 

The Angel Care Packages include a stuffed animal, a handmade baby blanket, and a handmade card.  All items are placed in a decorated keepsake box, which can be used after leaving the hospital to hold photos and all keepsakes.

This was the first Angel Care Package that Wyatt's Wishes donated
to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in 2010.

Currently, I am crocheting blankets, but each blanket takes about 4-6 weeks to make.  If anyone would like to donate handmade blankets for this wonderful cause, please leave a comment or contact me at  Blankets can be knitted or crocheted. 

Additionally, if anyone would like to donate new stuffed animals that measure under 12 inches, please feel free to contact me at the same email address that is listed above. 

If 20 Angel Care Packages can be made by Wyatt's first birthday, we will have touched 20 families.  We will provide 20 mothers with something to take home from the hospital so their arms are not fully empty, as mine where when I left the hospital on June 7, 2010. 

Please help Wyatt's Wishes with this challenge! 

There is an angel looking down over us ensure we achieve our goal!