Donate to Wyatt's Wishes

Please consider donating to Wyatt's Wishes. All funds donated will go directly toward helping another family in need. Funds will be used to purchase the following: yarn for angel blankets, stuffed animals, boxes, materials for cards, and stamps. Each angel care package will be photographed and uploaded to this site so all can see. To donate, simply click on the image below and you will be directed to a secure Paypal site.
We thank you in advance for your contribution towards creating an Angel Care Package and cards for a deserving family.

Handmade Cards from the Heart

Wyatt's Wishes also makes handmade cards.  I have decided that in addition to making the Angel Care Packages, that I would begin to make handmade cards also.  I am calling this endevor "Handmade Cards from the Heart".  The cards will be used within the Angel Care Packages.

The cards will also be used as part of the BLM Penpals group.  I will no longer use store bought cards to mail to other BLMs.  Instead, I will be creating my own.  If you are interested in joining the BLM Penpal group, please click "BLM Penpals".

Here are a few samples of the cards:

I have created my own symbol that is listed on each of the handmade cards.  The symbol is a heart, which means a great deal to me since Wyatt was lost due to a heart condition.  The heart has Wyatt's Mommie around it.  Yes, I know that Mommie is spelled wrong, it is my little touch. 

If you would like to purchase cards for your BLM Penpals, care packages, or just because, please feel free to Message Me on FB and we can discuss.